Naruto Wallpaper: Gaara 1

Monday, 24 September 2007

This Naruto Wallpaper of Gaara is of the Gaara before he becomes the KazeKage. Moving on to the Naruto Wallpaper there is a nice image of Gaara used and there is a red thundery background which complements the red hair of Gaara. At the bottom left there is a baby image of Gaara. At the top and bottom there are two tickers which have a white grey gradient.

Overall it is a good Naruto Wallpaper of Gaara but I think it is spoiled by the poor choice of colour for the gradients at the top and bottom.


Sabaku no Gaara said...

How 'bout post more Gaara Wallpapers?
Gaara is my fave!!!

KeYanna Luckett said...

I agree, you should show more pics of Gaara!He is one of the best that can compete with Naruto.(But he isn't better than him!)