Naruto Wallpaper: Shodaime 1

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Today we start with the first Hokage who was also known as the Shodaime or the Shodai Hokage. Moving on to the Naruto wallpaper itself a great deal of effort has been put into it and is quite apparent.

The stock image of the shodaime which is used is of a very high quality which adds to the class of the naruto wallpaper. I also like the autumn leaf effect which has been used which blends in nicely with the soft brown colours. The autumn themed colours along with the streak of yellow leaves descending diagonally downwards towards the Shodaime's left hand go perfectly with the strong red of the Shodaime's armour.

Overall it is a well-made Naruto wallpaper featuring the Shodaime with a very high quality finish that I would be more than happy to have as my wallpaper.

Naruto Wallpaper: Group 2

Friday, 8 February 2008

Naruto Wallpaper will be having many more Naruto Wallpapers on the site in the coming months. So how better to celebrate but to post more Naruto Wallpapers. Here we have a group wallpaper of Uchiha Sasuke and his outlawed Uchiha Itachi standing back to back in the centre of the Naruto Wallpaper. Above the centre of their heads is the fan which distinguishes the Uchiha Clan of Konoha.

Towards the top left we have Itachi which is subtly faded as is the transformed form of Uchiha Sasuke on the right. The background of this Naruto Wallpaper is quite fitting as it is a blur as are the lives of these two brothers. Also there is white text which has a soft shadow of black which gives it a lift. Overall a good Naruto Wallpaper.

Naruto Wallpaper: Sai 1

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Sai is the character in the middle of this Naruto Wallpaper who is looking lonely and appears to be torn between two extremes. These extremes are the friendly team constituting Naruto and Sakura or the other end of the spectrum, Orochimaru.

I happen to like the effect which has been created between the two sides. The green on the left signifies that they are from Konoha (the leaf village) while the right side is just a brown colour. Overall there isn't much to say about this Naruto Wallpaper but it is quite attractive.

Naruto Wallpaper: Uchiha Sasuke 2

Monday, 8 October 2007

This is an excellent Naruto Wallpaper of Uchiha Sasuke which I think looks quite cute. Moving onto the Naruto Wallpaper there is an image used of Uchiha Sasuke which has a game type shading to it and also looking to the background it is just a backdrop of a house with a blooming tree. The Naruto Wallpaper is then copied and pasted at different angles with a black shadow.

In essence it is a simple Naruto Wallpaper of Uchiha Sasuke but I feel that more work has been done to this than appears on the surface.

Naruto Wallpaper: Uzumaki Naruto 3

Sunday, 7 October 2007

This Naruto Wallpaper of Uzumaki Naruto caught my eye due the amount it stood out due to the background. The image used of Uzumaki Naruto is quite good but could have been of better stock. Directly behind Uzumaki Naruto there is a type of explosion of orange with a yellow background around that.

Overall an average Naruto Wallpaper in a lot of senses but it just caught my eye...

Naruto Wallpaper: Group 1

The mysterious organisation of Akatsuki has come together in this Naruto Wallpaper. There is a nice background to this Naruto Wallpaper which creates an air of mystery. Each of the members a lined up together and I must say that each Akasuki member's image are of high quality, which I like to see! Moving your gaze down you will see a discreet wisp of mist which extends from the left side all the way across the Naruto Wallpaper.

Overall a very good Naruto Wallpaper with the use of high quality images.

Naruto Wallpaper: Yamanaka Ino 1

This is a Naruto Wallpaper if Yamanaka Ino pulling her eye and sticking her tongue out cheekily. On to the Naruto Wallpaper itself has a colour image of Yamanaka Ino with a blue ticker in the centre and a photograph style black and white at the top and bottom of the Naruto Wallpaper.

Overall an OK Naruto Wallpaper but it could have done better by using a higher quality image of Yamanaka Ino.