Naruto Wallpaper: Uchiha Sasuke 2

Monday, 8 October 2007

This is an excellent Naruto Wallpaper of Uchiha Sasuke which I think looks quite cute. Moving onto the Naruto Wallpaper there is an image used of Uchiha Sasuke which has a game type shading to it and also looking to the background it is just a backdrop of a house with a blooming tree. The Naruto Wallpaper is then copied and pasted at different angles with a black shadow.

In essence it is a simple Naruto Wallpaper of Uchiha Sasuke but I feel that more work has been done to this than appears on the surface.


Swords said...

These are great! Nice and clean. Would you be interested in creating some wallpapers for our bleach weapons? Take a look at Naruto Throwing Knives and let us know.

KeYanna Luckett said...

Sasuke looks soooo cute and happy when he was younger that I wouldn't belive he was like he is now.He's just beautiful too me.

kutcharra said...

This high quality sasuke wallpaper is really cool, it looks good right on my desktop. thanks to the creator. I recommend this site Shippuuden Naruto Wallpapers for more high quality Sasuke backgrouds.