Naruto Wallpaper: Group 2

Friday, 8 February 2008

Naruto Wallpaper will be having many more Naruto Wallpapers on the site in the coming months. So how better to celebrate but to post more Naruto Wallpapers. Here we have a group wallpaper of Uchiha Sasuke and his outlawed Uchiha Itachi standing back to back in the centre of the Naruto Wallpaper. Above the centre of their heads is the fan which distinguishes the Uchiha Clan of Konoha.

Towards the top left we have Itachi which is subtly faded as is the transformed form of Uchiha Sasuke on the right. The background of this Naruto Wallpaper is quite fitting as it is a blur as are the lives of these two brothers. Also there is white text which has a soft shadow of black which gives it a lift. Overall a good Naruto Wallpaper.


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Lamba said...

Thanks for the compliment.

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