Naruto Wallpaper: Shodaime 1

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Today we start with the first Hokage who was also known as the Shodaime or the Shodai Hokage. Moving on to the Naruto wallpaper itself a great deal of effort has been put into it and is quite apparent.

The stock image of the shodaime which is used is of a very high quality which adds to the class of the naruto wallpaper. I also like the autumn leaf effect which has been used which blends in nicely with the soft brown colours. The autumn themed colours along with the streak of yellow leaves descending diagonally downwards towards the Shodaime's left hand go perfectly with the strong red of the Shodaime's armour.

Overall it is a well-made Naruto wallpaper featuring the Shodaime with a very high quality finish that I would be more than happy to have as my wallpaper.


Blazing Ninja said...

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Jack Blackburn said...

nice sharing